An aulos player, found in Apollonia, Albania
A man with a sistrum and three comrades, all singing and chanting

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<< Traditional Songs and Music of the Korçë Region of Albania, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018, 202 pp.>>

Bota Muzikore Shqiptare / The Musical World of Albania

Kristalina-KH, 2019, 962 f.>>

Albanian Identity in History and Traditional Performance
This book represents a group of individual musical essays collected under common Albanian themes, with a particular focus
on historical identities and traditional musical performance. It shows that, at the beginning of the 18th century, there was a
growing interest in representing the Albanian hero Scanderbeg on the operatic stage, as some well-known composers of
baroque music began to place a greater emphasis on music’s dramatic power to elicit emotional response.

Kadaré was a pure personification of ‘dissident’ status. Of course, it was his artistry, above all, that resisted the totalitarian regime, but his spirit of dissidence under the conditions of dictatorship also gave him the strength and determination to create and form those distinctive and integral features of his wo
Albanian Identity in History and Traditi[...]
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