An aulos player, found in Apollonia, Albania
A man with a sistrum and three comrades, all singing and chanting


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A Family of Song: Reflections of Albanian Urban Lyric Song in the Mediterranean, 2005
A Family of Song.doc
Microsoft Word document [103.5 KB]
Shostakovich, Kadare and the nature of dissidence: an Albanian view
Musical Times, Spring 2005
Shostakovich Kadare.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [95.7 KB]
The Iso(n)—a Participatory Component in the South Albanian Multipart Unaccompanied Singing and in Byzantine Chant, 2015
The Iso(n)—a Participatory Component in [...]
Microsoft Word document [64.0 KB]
Samuel Baud-Bovy, an Independent Voice between Local Schools of Thought and Globally Dominant Trends
01-'Baud-Bovy', Tbilisi paper 2016.doc
Microsoft Word document [644.5 KB]
Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, Volume 11, 2017
Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music[...]
Microsoft Word document [30.9 KB]